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ALBANIAN HOLIDAYS offer tips and information regarding holidays in Albania.

Albania has been inhabited before 100,000 years. At the beginning of the third millennium BC, the Indo-European population settled in this territory. As a result of the mixture, a population incorporating the unique cultural and linguistic characterizes of the whole Balkan Peninsula (pellazgët) was created.
Based on the ancient population, the Illyrians developed through the second millennium and the first century BC. After its fall in the year 30 BC, Illyria came under the control of the Roman Empire and with the division of the Roman Empire (395 AD), Illyria became part of the Byzantine Empire.
The country has suffered continuous invasions over the last 1000 years and by the end of the 14th century Albania was, despite of the Albanian resistance led by national hero Scanderbeg, occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Albania has been under the Ottoman regime for more than 400 years, but the subsequent efforts and insurrections for independence eventually brought the independence in 1912.

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Albania is situated on the border with Montenegro and Kosovo in the North and North East, FYR Macedonia in the East and Greece in the South. Albania is in the West of the Balkan Peninsula and is washed by the Adriatic and the Ionian seas.

Albania surprises their visitors with the diversity of its landscapes, which can change quickly and dramatically. The landscapes in the West and South West are typically Mediterranean, in the North there are the Albanian Alps and the center of the country is a mix of these two. The coastline of Albania is a hidden gem in Europe, with its 460 km of virgin and fine sandy beaches. Albania also has plenty of stunning lakes, natural lagoons and natural parks.

Source: Albania2Go


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