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Top Beaches to visit in Albania 2017

Along the broken line of the Ionian Sea, between Vlora and Albania’s most northern edge, Saranda, everything you see is a paradise stretching beneath the mountains. A gem of nature, baptized by the Albanian Riviera name …

This fascinating beauty of endless mysteries begins under the AkroKeraune Mountains over Himara and continues to the full 80-mile coastline, divided into tourist villages along the Ionian Basin.

Palasa, Dhërmi, Jala, Himara, Qeparo, Borshi, Lukova, Buneci are some of the tourist villages stretching along the Albanian river.

Here are some of the very best


This is the first accessible beach on the Riviera. The clear water of the sea that disturbs the senses joins this natural picture, where everything looks perfect. Cliffs cut like a knife that go down to the water, alternate with endless surfaces covered by fine gravel. The beach, once deprived of the inhabitants, is already another reality.


Dhermi is a small village which is located about 45km from Vlore going in direction of Sarande. The village is located near Llogara Pass at the foot of Acroceraunian mountains, which are overlooking a long beach and a stunning Ionian sea. Surrounded by green olive trees and citrus plantations, the village retains an impressive beauty.The beach at Dhërmi is one of the most famous in Albania. Outside peak season, it’s very quiet, and while the summer months now get very busy, the beach is long enough for those who want to find a quiet spot away from the crowds even in mid-August. The sea around Dhermi is famous for its blue colour and clarity, deserted rocky coves, orange and olive groves. You can spend many days here exploring local mountains, caves and beaches.


Jali Bay just a few minutes from the village of Vuno is one of the most beautiful and unique places for water, sand, climate and iodine. A natural paradise drawn by human hands is a very useful feature for health. If you have visited Dhermi, Himara or other beaches on the Ionian coast, you would not miss the opportunity to see even for a few hours on this beach. Is one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Ionian coastline, deeply tucked between the olive groves and the beautiful Vunoi houses on the head, the evergreen shrubs, surrounded by tall rocks, creating small bays Amazing, incredibly enticing for teenagers and lonely doubles worshipers. The unrepeatable water features that break the emerald contrasts, deep blues, oranges lurking in the west, are a real spectacle.


The city of Himara is the capital of the province of Himara that lies in the flats inside the castle (Castro), in Himara with its ancient monuments and its special architecture, in Spile with its beach that is today’s economic and historical center , In Potam, in Livadh with the beautiful sea and the wonderful beach. Here you can see many ancient monuments and temples. Himara also has several magnificent buildings showing its noble origins.

Himara is covered around by hills, which are covered with olive groves and various fruit trees displaying a magnificent view. Typical Mediterranean vegetation is considered the birthplace of olive and citrus cultivation – there are thousands of oranges, mandarins and lemons – and everything is crafted with great care and love for the earth.

It is the center of the Albanian Riviera and is one of the most visited areas during the summer. As accommodation costs less than in the villages of Dhërmiu and Jalas (known for nightlife and the noisy beaches, mostly frequented by young people) is the right choice for families and for those seeking quieter vacations.

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